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Pacer Staffing
Cyber Security, Risk & Compliance Staffing

Pacer Staffing offers seamless access to a carefully selected pool of seasoned consultants specialized in risk, compliance, and security.
Construct your ideal team effortlessly with us. Our extensive network thrives on recommendations and personal recommendations. Connect with top-notch experts in risk, compliance, security, and technology, equipped with the expertise to execute tasks impeccably.


Cut out conventional consulting markups. Pacer Staffing’s efficient business model delivers substantial cost savings directly to you.


Rely on our rigorous screening process to ensure only top-tier candidates enter our network. Trust our in-house experts to thoroughly assess each potential member.

Local Expertise

Gravity understands your local market and precisely where to find the top talent to meet your needs.

Pacer Staffing provides access to highly experienced consultants at more favorable rates compared to traditional firms. 

By removing standard consulting markups, we pass on significant savings directly to you. Additionally, you have the flexibility to handpick your team, ensuring that the talent aligns perfectly with your specific requirements.



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Risk & Compliance

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